New Zealand Leaders Connect Series

How Can New Zealand Leaders Help My Business?

The New Zealand Leaders Connect Series is for regionally based private companies seeking the latest knowledge, connections and resources to grow their business. Each Member directly accesses key business expertise and support to manage challenges and create opportunities.

About New Zealand Leaders

New Zealand Leaders inspires private companies through knowledge, connections and resources. Leaders surrounds companies with the expertise and experience of Business and Industry leaders to provide an effective, trusted community that fast-tracks outcomes and leads to greater prosperity.

The Leaders Connect Series provides a sustainable community platform for regional companies to access the latest knowledge and resources. We meet you at whatever point of your Business journey you are on, putting you in touch with industry specialists, business connections and resources to take you to the next level.

Since 2006, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses work on building strong connections, accessing key business expertise and support to manage challenges and create opportunities, as well as drive personal, professional and business growth.

Meet the New Zealand Leaders Trusted Community


Advisory Board     Advisory Board    

 Strategic direction & insight

Industry Partners     Industry Partners    

 High level support and insight

Industry Experts     Industry Experts    

  Professional support & guidance

Members     Members    

  Peer company

An Opportunity to Connect

The  Leaders Connect Series is tailored for companies across regional New Zealand, with companies in greater Auckland area are not eligible. The Leaders Connect Series enables companies to access the latest information and expertise to grow their business and make better decisions as well as driving personal, professional and business growth. It is best suited to dynamic business leaders seeking efficient access to: 

  • A trusted network for business Support and Knowledge
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Investment
  • Entry, succession and exit opportunities

Connect Series Members formally participate in monthly online events throughout the year, have access to the Leaders Resource Centre at all times, and an invitation to attend one event each year in Auckland based on availability. Full details of inclusions and outcomes is below


What You Receive 

Leaders Connect Series Members are provided access to many of New Zealand's most influential Business and Industry Leaders.  The Leaders Connect Series provides:

Monthly Knowledge Workshop

Leaders Connect Members access three workshops each month delivered by Industry Experts, providing timely and practical insights to make better decisions 

The live Knowledge Workshops are delivered online with specialist commentary and engagement through interactive questions and real-time feedback.  The workshops run over 10 months, from February to November, and are recorded for convenience.

Monthly Community & Industry Expert Catch up – Lunchtime Toolbox Series

Connect and engage online with Industry Experts and other Members throughout New Zealand to discuss relevant and prevalent topics.

Leaders Resource Centre & International Leaders APP

The entire Leaders community and resources in one place. Easily access the latest information and content, as well as profiles and information of others involved. Engage directly with Industry Experts and other participants to build trusted relationships and create new opportunities. 

‘Ask the Expert’ Platform 

Get direct access to answers and information on the critical issues, and opportunities being faced. Directly connect with Industry Experts to make informed, timely decisions regarding these issues and opportunities.

Reciprocal Rights

Expand your business into new markets and connect with other people within the New Zealand  Leaders Community. Use the exclusive reciprocal rights access to attend 1 event annually in the New Zealand Leaders Auckland Series.  Reciprocal Rights provides a highly efficient way to develop new markets and opportunities.

Access to "Is My Business" Platform

Is My Business website was created to share the knowledge and experience of Industry Leaders and Experts to assist private companies in achieving their potential.

Sounds Great ? Next Steps

Leaders Connect Membership is is $900 (+GST) per year per company, renewed annually.

Membership includes all events & activities associated with involvement, except travel to events. Membership include one profile per company.


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Please Note:
Leaders Connect Series is specifically designed for regional New Zealand companies. Membership is 
NOT available to businesses located in the greater Auckland region .By registering for the Connect Series Membership, you accept the following Terms & Conditions, and confirm your business is not located in the LGA's above.

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